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                                                                                                                                         Sunday, April 30, 2017
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B.S. in Child Learning and Development - University Texas at Dallas, Director - Child Care Administrator Credential from ECMI, Master Registered Trainer Certified and Listed with State of Texas TECECDS Agency - Number #998, 1774, Teacher, Certified Mediator, Bonded Notary Public, The Learning Accomplishment Profile System: E Lay/Lap 3 Certified Trainer

27 years experience

Director / Administration, and Teacher / Caregiver Training, Workshops, & Seminars On Site covering variety of topics, flexible scheules & hours 

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  • Health and Safety

  • Shaken Baby Syndrome

  • Green Toys

  • Partnerships with Family and Community

  • Professionalism

  • Classroom Arrangement

  • Child Growth and Development

  • Observation and Assessment of Teachers

  • Interpreting Play to Parents

  • Early Childhood / Curriculum Caregiver Programs

  • Infant / Toddlers Rocking Rolling

  • Transitions

  • Infant / Toddler Art

  • Maintaining a Healthy and Safe Environment for Preschoolers

  • Outside & Inside Centers

  • Childcare Transportation Safety

  • and many more topics

  • Early Child Care Trainers Helpful Knowledge for Directors, and Care Givers 

    Child Development Articles

    Constructive vs. Destructive Conflict Constructive vs. Destructive Conflict - Make the right move, at childcaretrainers.com

    Children's Self-Efficacy / Self-Concept 
    Development and Encouragement Childrens Self Efficacy and Self Concept Theory at childcaretrainers.com
    a belief in ourselves cont. →

    Children's Bonds and Growth

    Childrens tie - the attachment, from parents to caregivers, bonds through life at childcaretrainers.com


    Build Centers' Culture

    the Conflict

    is On Your Side cont. →

    Teach Your Baby to Self Settle to Sleep

    Teach Your Baby to Self Settle to Sleep The idea of having babies settle themselves to sleep seems crazy to parents who have sat up all night trying to get them to stop crying. But it can be done. Try these steps to get your baby to settle themselves to sleep. >> 'baby, thinking simply...'   


    How to Care for an Autistic Child
    There is no uniform diagnostic for identifying what every autistic child should or can do. Autism is a spectrum disorder, which means that some children have vastly greater abilities in some or all areas than "classically" autistic children while still having the symptoms of autism. Autistic spectrum disorders include Pervasive Developmental Delay   >> ‘practical daily approach….’


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    To provide essential services, skills, and understanding in a professional manner for new, and experienced teachers, as well as administrators in the early childhood setting.
    R. Randle Training & Consulting 
    Infant Toddler Development Programs, Childcare Training, Workshops, and Seminars on site http://www.Childcaretrainers.com Follow ramonarandle on Twitter
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    Ramona Randle Training and Consulting


    2011 October 24th
    Williamson County Professional Home Child Care Association - "Transportation Safety" Round Rock Texas

    2011 October 22th
    Miss Bloomingdale's Academy - Workshop - Irving Texas

    2011 September 17th In Home Child Care Providers Training

    2011 August 27th In Home Child Care Providers Training

    2011 August 19th at Bent Tree Child Development
    Bent Tree Child Development Center Addison Texas ChildcareTrainers.com
    Center in Addison Texas

    2011 July 1st First Baptist Church Belton "Inside & Outside Centers" Belton TX. Belton First Baptist Church Weekday Inside Outside Centers from Ramona Randle with Child Care Trainers An outstanding beautiful warm friendly and caring community, I want to especially thank Kim Hardin, Weekday Director

    2011 May 14th and May 21st "Directors Workshop"
    Child Care Directors Workshop at Sheranda's Playhouse at Sheranda's Playhouse in Dallas TX.

    2011 March 19th Dallas TX.
    Autism Spectrum DisordersAutism Spectrum Disorders Training WorkshopKinderCare Bent Tree
    2011 March 5th Uvalde Texas
    Southwest Texas Junior College - 70 miles west of San Antonio Texas and 70 miles east of the Mexican border - 3 Tier WorkshopWorkforce Solutions Day Care Providers - Read With Me, Feeling Love, and TemperamentsWorkforce Solutions / MGDC for Day Care Providers 
    2011 January 8th Waco Texas
    Bellmead Calvary Christian Child Care Center Health and Safety, Temperament, and Replacing Time Out were topics discussed at Bellmead Calvary Baptist Church Child Care Center in Waco, TX.
    Bellmead Calvary Baptist Church
    ...cont. →

    2010 September 21st Thank you, St. Luke Catholic Church for being open to new ideas and experiences

    2010 August 25th Clear Lake United Methodist Church Childcare
    Childcare Training at Clear Lake United Methodist Church The teachers and caregiver at Clear Lake United Methodist Church were an awesome group of participants...cont. →

    Click and Listen to the CNN interview with Ramonaforward 15 minutes into the show for the start of the childcare training interview .....I would like to again thank CNN, Raven, and Regina for the interview experience and allowing me to cont. →
    2010 May 15th between 2pm and 3pm Ramona was interviewed on the Ravin Blair Davis Show, host of
    CNN 650 Radio News
    Careers From The Kitchen Table
    Women Power Talk Radio
    Raven Blair Davis host CNN 650 and http://www.careersfromthekitchentable.com

    The Community School of Park Cities hosted a Carnival Fundraiser  2010 May 1st, thank you for the invitation, and thanks to everyone who came and supported the cause

     2010 April 17th in Grand Prairie at "Freetown Road Church of Christ" was a wonderful experience thank you guys for coming....please e-mail me at Ramona@ChildcareTrainers.com if you have any follow up questions or comments...

    27 years experience

    Childcare Trainer


    Bachelor of Science in Child Learning and Development from The University Texas at Dallas, Director - Child Care Administrator Credential from ECMI, Master Registered Trainer Certified & Listed with State of Texas TECECDS Agency, Teacher, Certified Mediator, Bonded Notary Public, The Learning Accomplishment Profile System: E Lay/Lap 3 Certified Trainer